How will I know if my animal needs treating?


Indications in animals vary and most owners will recognise when their animal is in pain, or showing signs of distress.


As a guide owners should consider seeking treatment if their animal displays any of the following signs:


  • Unlevelness, especially behind

  • Uneven wear of shoes

  • Sore or cold backs, uneven pressure from saddles or the saddle slipping to one side

  • Unexplained deterioration in usual performance

  • Asymmetry, such as stiffness on one rein, or a disunited canter

  • Unexplained resistances, such as napping, rearing, refusing, bucking, etc.

  • Uneven muscle development or atrophy


  • Crying out when getting up

  • Difficulty climbing stairs or getting into cars

  • Signs of discomfort when being stroked on their backs

  • A reluctance to exercise

  • Stiffness or pain after exercise

Other Indications Can Include:

  • Lameness after a fall or accident where alternative causes have been ruled out

  • Uncharacteristic changes in behaviour, performance or temperament

  • Limb-dragging or odd, irregular action

  • Recurrence of symptoms previously successfully treated by manipulation

  • Absence of any resolution of the problem using conventional methods

  • Rehabitition after acute trauma for horses, dogs and cats.