About LLLT


LLLT has been proven to:


  • Relieve pain.

  • Reduce inflammation.

  • Assist in tissue repair (muscle, tendon, ligament) 

  • Improve scar tissue. 

  • Retain tissue elasticity. 

  • Promote wound healing.

  • Release muscle spasm and tension.

  • Prevent infection.

  • Lessen bruising.


Low level laser therapy optimises the speed of repair in acute injuries but will also stimulate the body's repair processes in cases of non-healing or chronic conditions. In addition, low level laser is used as an alternative to needles in the practice of acupuncture.


Lucy has recently completed a course on Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), and has also invested in an Omega Laser System to use alongside McTimoney Manipulation treatment. She has used the laser on some recent cases for the treatment of muscle spasm, arthritis, bruising/swelling and infection the results of which were amazing.

Before LLLT

Note the large swelling on the right hock (inside)

After LLLT

Note the swelling has significantly reduced.